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Monday, May 16, 2005

Looking for a Few Good Romance Novels

(Er, this isn't a call for manuscript submissions.)

Holly Black's latest novel, Valiant, is out. Yippe! It's a followup to one of my favourites--Tithe. Tithe was one of those rare novels that actually got purchased, i.e., after reading a public library copy, I marched down to the local bookseller and got my own copy.

This got me thinkin'. To date, all my best loved romance stories aren't actually labeled as such. In light of my current WIP, I've made a few attempts to read paranomal romance. "Attempts" because, with the exception of MaryJanice Davidson's Undead and Unwed, I haven't been able to actually finish one. Granted, I only read four (including Undead and Unwed.) Due to a combination of ditsy, too-stupid-to-live heroines, and heros with no discernable character traits beyond 12-inch wangs, rippling muscles and Viagra-induced stamina, I gave up on all the others.

But I can't believe that the above are representative of the genre. (I don't want to believe.) So if anybody has any suggestions, I'm taking them.

(Sherilyn Kenyon's Night Embrace was one of the above, so um, no need to recommend similar books.)

What I like. Sexual tension, sexual tension, sexual tension--sex on page three usually blows it. Rules, schmules. If the hero and heroine don't meet until Chapter Three, that's cool. Voice is (almost) everything. Give me an engaging voice and characters and I'll forgive many sins. Brooding heros are fine as long as that isn't their only personality trait. Jerks are great if they're also funny. Heroines who deny the existence of the supernatural after they have had a hot night of sex with a shapeshifter/vampire/werewolf/etc. are "too stupid." (Heroines who deny the existence of the supernatural after being turned into something supernatural themselves should be shot.)

If you have a favourite paranormal romance (or any romance, for that matter), drop me a line at: AdobeDragyn (a) Yahoo.com

Airport Striptease...
Gosh, if Janet Jackson's titty got the sex-obsessed Moral wingnut minority in a tizzy, imagine what this will do. The nekkid man-flesh of overweight, balding middle-age men. Argh! Gotta pity the security screeners.

Got a rejection on my "audition" to the Liquid Laughter project. Oh, well. The editor said she "enjoyed your excerpt...cleverly written." Hmmm...meanwhile the full version of the story is still buried in an ancient slush pile.

Patience, Kirby, patience.



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