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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Let's Talk About Sex

via Lee Goldberg...

Susie Bright outs romance readers' (and writers' ?) real interest in the genre. Heh.

"When a woman buys a traditional Romance...She wants her money shot. She does not want distractions. She wants familiarity, to connect with "the childhood masturbatory feeling".... I believe romances are stroke books— they are not so much read as used."

"Romance" is about plain old animal attraction. Even if the writer isn't lazy, doesn't rely on heroes with Dicks of Extraodinary Proportions and washboard stomachs, and instead builds a relationship, it's still about two people getting together and mating. Nothin' wrong with that. Mating, it's all good.

Of interest in the same posting...Laurell Hamilton's take on acceptable sex.

She is in favor of S/M explorations, but against what she called “casual” sex.

Meaning what? People in jeans and T-shirts shouldn't have sex? Um, cuz the Merry Gentry series is rife with what I'd characterize as uber-casual sex. Oh, well. Different strokes for different folks. Heh.

Premarital Sex and Pregnancy is Okay If You Have a Dick...
via Covington.
Pregnant teen is banned from Catholic school graduation ceremony, but the little prick who got her pregnant isn't.

The father of Cosby's child, also a senior at the school, was allowed to participate in graduation.

Must go shower stinky self or else I won't get any from the J-man.



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