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Friday, May 20, 2005

Kindly Extract Head From Ass

A couple weeks ago, the J-man overhead a conversation in the teachers' lounge of one of his schools. Two teachers were bleating (apropos verb) about the bug-eyed runaway bride. "The poor dear," and all that kind of crap, yadda, yadda. Had their panties in a real twist over something some Hollywood stars had said about the matter. "How could a Hollywood star know anything about this ordinary woman's plight?" they wailed.

Is this really the kind of shit that get America's women riled up? If so, how pathetic.

Meanwhile in the real world, politicians are trying to limit a woman's right to fight for her country. Of course, fewer people of either gender are signing up, so female soldiers in Iraq are unlikely to pulled back to someplace safe. But, hey, "thank you," wingnuts for making sure us goyls don't get our hands dirty in the war you got us into.

Course, if the wingnuts had their way, we of the vaginas would all be wearing burkas (or the Christian equivalant) and the only birth control would virginity. Cuz hymens are important. Save the endangered hymen.

So don't expect the government to pay for birth control although they certainly will fund hard-ons. (The previous is a link to Laura Gilman's LJ. The discussion over there was entertaining.)

Memo to the ladies in the teachers' lounge: Wake up and smell the real issues. Besides, bug-eyed bride probably woke up one morning, realized she was about to marry a fundie wingnut, and ran like hell.

Oh, and girls rule. Especially in baseball. Pretty cool, huh?

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