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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Humpy Day

Typical Wednesday. Stagger out of bed, curse any gods or demons responsible for my "working stiff" status. Shower, get dressed. Watch the news, a.k.a., the Parade of Losers too Stupid to Live. This morning: some jackass tried to beat a train; was driving like 70 MPH. Had his 8 month old baby in the car. Fortunately, baby is okay. Unfortunately, so is jackass. He should be castrated...with a spoon.

Off to work. Fight Our Demons of Perpetual Jams, a.k.a., fucking Xerox printers. Xerox, the "Document People," my ass.

Now home and soon off to writing lunch thing with Kristin.

Tonight, new "Lost." Unless I got my wires crossed again; it happens.

Previously, on "Lost."
-Charlie Hobbit makes the Claire Baby cry. Fortunately, Sawyer's dulcit tones sooth the savage young beast.
-Fresh from a trip to the island's botox clinic, Shannon's only facial expression was a slight trembling lip.
-Shannon tells Sayid to "do something about" Locke.
My J-man says: "Don't do it Sayid. She's not worth it. Yeah, she's hot, but she's a bitch."
-Sayid decided that offing Locke in exchange for nookie might not be a good idea in light of all his other bad karma. Shannon pouts and revokes his "bad touch" privileges.
-Locke may be Yoda, but Sayid has this whole Jedi mind reading thing going on. Demands to see "the hatch."
-Jack...is still fucking insufferable, "nobody dies on my watch...except possibly Locke, but that's okay, fuck my Hypocratic oath, cuz he's bad." Jack, ugh.
-Michael. Not enough Michael (though I wish Harold Perrineau still had his dreds), way too much Shannon.

Tonight...the hatch?

Got in about 1000 words yesterday on The Romance. Cheated a little and pulled in some "scenage" I wrote earlier.

Sent Kristin Chapter Three and will get her input today. Kinda fun having some early insight into how my characters are shaping up. I haven't revised based on any comments because I don't believe in revising early chapters (or any) until the entire first draft is written. But it's definitely helping shape later chapters.

Happy Hump Day,


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