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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Was There Life Before the Internet?

["Yes," someone replies snottily. People actually went to libraries and did research.]

I figured out what the new birds in the neighborhood are! Stupidly, I've been Googling the names of species that I heard when I worked at Wild Birds Unlimited. No dice.

Anyway, today I Googled the following: "bird, yellow breast, white tipped tail, crest."

The very first link in the list contained the following text: "Very sleek looking brown gray bird with pointed crest on head, yellow belly and bandit like black mask."

Opening it, I found my bird. A Cedar Waxwing!

Interesting factoid:
The Cedar Waxwing is vulnerable to alcohol intoxication and death after eating fermented fruit

Poor little blighters. Is there a birdie AA?




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