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Friday, April 01, 2005

Un-Freaky Friday

Rolled out of bed at the unholy hour of 5 a.m. Wondered why Paris Hilton didn't want to swap lives with me. Hey, I wouldn't lose her little Chihuahua dog!

Then my cute little rat dog wagged her tail at me and the J-man walked by looking tasty in his biking gear.

Decided I didn't want to swap lives with rich skank after all.

Still not liking the working stiff thang, tho'

Will Not Be...
Playing April Fools Jokes. I don't like practical jokes. I don't like being on the receiving end and therefore, don't play them on others. I don't take myself seriously and don't mind people laughing at my stupidity. But, I don't like being set up to look stupid.

Listening to...
Public Radio station Freeform show. In honour of April Fools Day they're playing silly songs, like "I Put the Monster in Loch Ness" and "The Capital Steps."

Filed Under 'Why I Don't Want to Win a Nebula' Category...

('Course, I think winning a Neb requires writing science fiction [Sci-Fi, Sci-Fi, Sci-Fi*] in the first place, which, to date, I haven't. [*For all the twits who get their knickers in knots when they hear the word Sci-Fi.])

Any-way...It seems SFWA have made a misogynist one of the seven jurors for the Nebula Award.

Among the sparkling gems extruded from this chap's arse:

"The mental pollution of feminism extends well beyond the question of great thinkers. Women do not write hard science fiction today because so few can hack the physics, so they either write romance novels in space about strong, beautiful, independent and intelligent but lonely women who finally fall in love with rugged men who love them just as they are, or stick to fantasy where they can make things up without getting hammered by critics holding triple Ph.D.s in molecular engineering, astrophysics and Chaucer."

Apparently, I read and write stories about people and relationships because I can't hack science.


Three semesters of Calculus and my favourite subject was Trigonometry. Graduate coursework including Soil Genesis, Statistics (I took it in Spanish, bet you can't do that buddy--got an "A"), Structural Geology, and Remote Sensing.

Oh yeah, my undergraduate work included physics. Engineering physics, not a watered-down science-for-Chaucer-majors version.

I'm currently reading Brian Greene's The Elegant Universe: Superstrings, Hidden Dimensions, and the Quest for the Ultimate Theory. And I flip to the back to check out the equations.

I did not follow the Ph.D track because I had no desire to surgically attach my lips to the ass of some undeserving professor. I decided "life" was a far better teacher than an eternity in Candyland, a.k.a., academia.

Stuff that up your woman-hating ass, ya twit.

I write fantasy with romantic subplots because I think relationships are a hell of a lot more interesting than "concepts."

I understand not liking a particular genre or sub-genre. What I don't understand is the need to prop yourself up by deriding the writing [genre] of others. It's a sign of insecurity if you ask me.

On joining...anything...
The more I read on the Internet, the more it seems the big writing orgs (SFWA & RWA) have a nasty tendency to get rather tribal.

S.L. Viehl's March 21 blog entry offers an insightful take on joining...

"Focusing on your individuality, on the other hand, reinforces the writer's creative foundations. It frees you from the restraints brought on by group expectations and their conformity strait-jacket. Yes, it's lonely, and that's the price you pay, just as the group-joiners sacrifice their individuality in return for the benefits of the group."

Yesterday came up with a whopping 2000 new words--some of them not half-bad.

Oh, and I got paid. P.A.I.D. For my words. Not much, but it's still moolla, glorious moolla.

Need to...do a critique. Edit "...Mules," and "No Such Thing." <=Not much point in running stuff through Critters if ya never actually revise it huh, Kirby?

Found another editor to query. Natasha Panza at Tor is taking submissions for chick lit/paranormal. [Scurrying off to print out three chapters and synopsis.]




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