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Friday, April 22, 2005

Poison and Poli-snark

Real Americans don't use poison. We use guns.

Or so says Alphonse Poklis, director of toxicology and professor of pathology, chemistry, forensics, pharmacology, and toxicology at Virginia Commonwealth University.

From National Geographic, May 2005

How many cases of suspected homicidal poisoning do you evaluate in the course of a year?
A.P. Frankly, relatively few. It's not in the American character. If you are going to kill someone and you are a true American, you shoot them. A real man doesn't sneak around. In our culture everything is solved in 30 minutes, so you aren't going to plan, go someplace to get poison, and figure out How am I going to give it? In our culture, we act directly.


Me and my gun, I'm so empowered...
Arianna Huffington takes on the Hammer. Choice tidbits include a comment from DeLay's recent NRA appearance.

"If you want to empower the women of America, give 'em a gun."

Hmm. Perhaps we can use our gunpowder empowerment on the next jackass druggist who tries to deny our access to birth control?

Asked for the final, official-like version of book contract. At which point, I will have done it. Glurk.

Thanks to all with the congrats.

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