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Friday, April 29, 2005

More Adventures in Publishing

Sometimes I think I exist as an object lesson to other writers.

Case in point...

I sent a query to an editor at Penguin (New York publishing house). Several weeks later, I get an email from another editor at Penguin. Turns out I had sent the query to an editor who was no longer at Penguin. [Slaps palm to forehead.] Anyway, this editor was kind enough to read my query and request a partial. So I sent it to her.

About a month later, I meet this same editor at a local writer's conference. She indicates that she hasn't seen my submission yet; seems puzzled as though it should have made it to her desk by then. In the course of the conference she makes some comments that make squirrely little me decide she isn't going to like my manuscript.

More months go by...I decide submission got lost in the mail. "Oh well," I say, "She wouldn't have liked it anyway."

Here we stop and think. What should The Writer have done? Answer: Query--the--editor. But...noooo.

Open my email today and see an email from editor. Open, cringing slighty (after all, the manuscript has a home so rejection not so bad), and read. Editor says she really enjoyed my intro chapters and is requesting the rest.

Crap, crap, crappity crap! Now, keep in mind I'm happy about getting signed on with Runestone. Mostly, I don't want to piss off a big industry type. (She even says I can email the rest to her, saving me lots of postage.) Gee wizz.

I gotta learn to communicate. Stupid Pat, no ice cream tonight.

(I'm hoping the "industry" interest bodes well for sales later. Fingers crossed.)

File this under Get A Life, People...
Ya'll know I'm outspoken and don't worry too much about wearing my opinions on my blog. (I know that there are some writers who won't express an opinion in public for fear of alienating readers. Strikes me as "selling out," but that's a rant for another time.)

This is my blog; I'll be as nasty as I want.

But I don't have any desire to post stuff on other people's blogs or forums that is flamey. In my experience, that sort of thing can get out of hand very fast.

While snooping around at Romancing the Blog, I noticed a link to Lauryll K. Hamilton's blog. Curious, I took a look. The latest entry was a long explanation detailing why she has had to disable her guestbook. It seems people were using it as a venue to be nasty, attacking her, her books and her characters.

Despite the type of books I write, I am not a LKH fan. I respect her; I think she's a great writer (I'm sure she can write circles around me). She's just not my cup of tea.

But I can't imagine going to an author's site and wasting my time loading up their forums, guestbook, or blog with my vitriol. It's just...pointless. If you need to snipe, get a blog. To date, they are free.

Got in about 400 words yesterday. Not much, but a definite breakthrough in what was becoming a worrisome case of The Block. Reread some of the stuff on The Romance and started getting into the characters.

Sent off contract to Lost in the Dark. Need to read and critique at least two stories at Critters this week since I didn't do any last week.

Cheers, P.K.


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