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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Lost, Loooost!

Kate: [Speaking to Claire] "Oh my God, you're having a baby."
Me: Well, we certainly hope so. But this is the island, so she could be having a Klingon.

Wow! They did it. The writers sent Boone to the Dr. Moreau's big island in the sky. Amazing. Big "Yey" that the guys I thought in the most peril--Sawyer, Sayid, Charlie--are still alive and kicking. So far anyway. There's still a surplus of men folk on the island, so I guess there could still be additional testosterone culling.

Still wish it had been Shannon. I've heard some were gunning for Kate, but I sometimes like her. Sometimes. She was more interesting earlier in the season. Lately, her role has been reduced to saying little and looking pained and pretty.

The J-man and I were getting a little tired of Jack's I-Gotta-Save-Everybody routine. J-man thought he should stop snipping at "the help," i.e. Sun. Isn't this guy a doctor? The job usually entails stress. Oy veh, enough with the hystrionics! Yeah, I know. Jack has "i-shoes."

Anyway, Boone is spitting up blood and doing the Darth Vader rasp, and Jack decides that hacking off the poor guy's leg is going to save him. Yipes! (Sadly, I liked Boone the most when he was dying.)

Meanwhile, Shannon is telling Sayid she wants to take it slow. Not sure what that means since I assumed they were already doing the wild thing. At any rate, the request is amusing in light of the facts: A, she's a bit of a ho, and B, where he's from most of the women wear veils. He's probably pretty excited about seeing her knees.

Thanks to Boone's death, we got to see Shannon move her facial muscles. Thus far her expression has been limited to a toothy sneer. Last night, she let up on the Botox and actually did some emoting.

In the end, the ratio of men to women is unchanged, as Boone is gone, but Claire, helpfully, has provided man-child. I guess Charlie is going to function as a sort of father to the kid? 'Course, somebody needs to make sure he stays away from the Plane-That-Squashed-Boone, lest he get into the huge stash of heroine.

Next week, "they's a-goin' Locke hunting." Irony, much?

What's a Kid to Do?
Sigh. Gone are the halcyon days when a young sot could wobble over the border bridge, a plume of "Chicle, Chicle!"* yelling Mexican urchins in his/her drunken wake, and gain admittance to the mother land with one slurred word: "American."

A passport will now be require to get back over the border from Mexico. Although the State Department claims that a driver's license and birth certificate were required before 911, I never knew this to be the case. A bored border patrol agent would ask your nationality and you would give the correct answer.

(*Chicle=gum. There was always a horde of gum-hawking kids hanging around the border. One time, in a fit of drunken benevolence, a friend handed a kid on a ten and bought a whole box. But, in retrospect, I wondered if the poor little bugger [the kid] got gipped. They sold the little packets for about a quarter a piece and there was probably more than 10 bucks worth in the box. Sigh. Can you say, "Ugly American?")

Had a fun writing session with Kristin. She liked "Romeo Had It Easy," and had some good suggestions for improvement. It would be cool if I could get it out to door to Not One of Us. Even with some revision, I think I can keep it under their 5K word limit. It would be even cooler to get it published. Would make for the third novel backstory exercise that turned into a successful short story.

No writing yesterday, but brainstorming counts, no?



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