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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Like A Man

Took the Esquire "The Inner Lives of Women: Think You Know Your Females?" quiz and scored a "You Bastard."

Oh well. I enjoy being a girl, but I'm not very good at it.

Some questions:

1.) Which of the following is not a Lifetime Original Movie?
-A list of movies follows with titles like, Her Best Friend's Husband and When Husbands Cheat.
Correct Answer: After the Rain: The Jasmine Guy Story.

Ugh. I don't have cable, but if I did my channels would be Discovery and Sci-Fi. I don't do girl movies.

5.) Thong, moisturizer, or flower?
a. Cosabella
b. On Gossamer
c. Cyclamen
d. La Perla
e. La Prairie

My Answers: A cyclamen's a flower. Thongs have names? My moisturizer says "Target Brand" on the label.

8. What part of her body might Uma [Thurman] balayage?
Correct answer: Her hair.
My answer: Her ass (it was an option). How the hell should I know?

12.) In what year were American women granted the right to vote?
Correct answer: 1920
My answer: Gawd, it actually shames me not to know this.

16.) Matt spilled Diet Coke on Katie's best cashmere sweater. How should she clean it?
Correct Answer: Hand wash.
My answer: Chuck it in the washer on Gentle. It it doesn't survive, it was never meant to be. And what kind of wussy male drinks Diet Coke? My man consumes sugar. And scratches, belches and builds stuff.

30.) Harry and Sally
a. end up together
b. don't end up together but learn a lot in the process.
c. drive into the Grand Canyon clutching hands.

Correct Answer: a
My Answer: "c" only I added "...as their car tumbles into a great crevasse and explodes into flames." I reiterate: NO GIRL MOVIES.

Look Ma, Web Page, No Instructions Necessary...
Thinking I might need to do some promotion, I signed up with a web host last night.

This a.m., I tried to plunk the rough version of the site on said host's server. Downloaded a free copy of an FTP software. Installed and started it up. Followed instructions in "Thanks for sending us your money for a bit of space on our server" email.

!@#@ thing wouldn't connect to FTP site. Tried several more times, finally hit on a combination that worked. (But don't think I saved the configuration--stupid.) Connection but files and directories look nothing like that shown when I connect to FTP site via FireFox (web browser; I hate Internet Explorer).

More cursing. Dogs flee.

Go to web host's site and log in. Find a very, nice, user friendly file manager that uploads files nicely.

All of the above probably could have been avoided if I had read through the suggested "tutorial."

Nah. Instructions are for wimps.

Besides emitting colourful language, I spent a chunk of the morning reading through writing partner's latest story. Next, I need to finish up "Romeo Had It Easy" so I can mail it out this Friday.

I have the contract and formal offer for The Music of Chaos (Holding Chaos, for any early readers out there.) Circling the contract as though it were a dirty great centipede. (Remember, I like bugs; but I'm careful with the poisonous ones.)

Stunned by the sudden reality of actually getting a first novel published. I mean, this was the first bit of fiction I ever finished. I don't have a degree in English; I'm not a Clarion grad. I have no idea what I'm doing. [Panic ensues.] Yipes.

Assuming I'm not signing away rights to my characters for an eternity (too late anyway, since Talis and Breas are doing the in-print thing this summer), or any other unreasonable thing, I'll sign the thing.




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