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Thursday, April 21, 2005

The "Business" of Writing, Argh

Before me are three contracts. No, three publishers don't want to publish The Book (it would be nice to be so wanted). One is from...no point in being cagey, Runestone, the publisher who made the offer. Another is the sample contract listed at SFWA. The third is the sample contract so kindly shown at Mundania Press.

(Feeling a twinge of guilt for not having withdrawn manuscript from them yet. But then, they haven't gotten around to a decision on a short story I sent them nine months ago. Odds that they have even looked at novel are low.)

The sample at Mundania has plain English translations of the legalese, although I don't find it terribly obtuse. Anyway, so far the Runestone contract looks okay to me. I need to ask about a section on the characters.

They are asking for right of first refusal on sequels. Good and bad. Bad because it precludes immediately shopping sequels to someone else; good, because it means book two, provided all goes well, has a home. But I need to make sure that the stipulation only covers novel-length works, since I do write short story spin-offs.

The contract has an in-case-they-go-caput clause, which is good. This was a concern and I was wondering how to broach the subject in the event it wasn't covered in the contract. Publishing is a hard business, and I don't want my publishing rights tied up in the event of their insolvency.

The Web Page...
Technically, I have a web page. I haven't listed it anywhere yet, because it isn't really done*. I uploaded the "draft" version, but there are still things I need to fix. I want to replace the text links in the sidebar with graphics; need to finish the Horse article; fix a dead link/create another page; do some tweeking with the book promotion section; add "Fantasy," "Romance," and "Horror" to the title in addition to my name; and check for typos and writterisms. It works okay with FireFox and Internet Explorer. Haven't tested it with Netscape yet.

*If you're dying of curiosity, it's easy to guess the URL.

Now What...?
Wondering if I should go to Bubonicon this year. Depending on who one talks to, conferences/conventions are a great way to meet people and promote your work. I'm going to have to do quite a bit of marketing of The Music of Chaos and also should do some for the anthology Modern Magic (since it pays royalties.)


I'm still shaking off an odd apologist mindset regarding going with a small publisher. I'm quite pleased that someone wants my novel. Some folks write several novels before they get any kind of break. I repeat, The Music of Chaos is my first attempt at any fiction.

So "Wow!"

But I've let the elitist snobbery exuded by a few (minority) at Critters get to me. Which is stupid. Half of the people snipping about small publishers and non-pro markets haven't been published themselves. Or they are basking in the glow of a single pub with a big market. (<=God save me from the "occasionally" published; they also give the crappiest critiques.) As soon as I sign the contract, I'm sending my sale announcement to Critters. Pffffftt! So there, snobs.

Because this needs a little Funny (Offensive)...
Found these via a link at Bubonicon site.
--Dread Pirate Roberts T-shirt
--Elder God and a Certain Fish T-shirt-(No, I'm not an atheist; but I do believe in evolution.)
--If I Wanted Your Opinion T-Shirt
More kookiness can be found here.

All of the above stuff counts. Business, yuck.



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