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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Beyond Rejection?

Summary in the tradition of Bridget Jones

--Get rejection from Luna. Strangely not v. disappointed.
--Debate merits of continuing marketing a first novel and instead focus on current projects.
--Think, "What the Hay?" and send out three more queries: Two to small print publishers and one to a e-publisher. (In retrospect, think query to e-pub was a bad idea because all their titles seem to be romance--i.e., the relationship is "consumated." No sex happening in TMOC.)
--Next day, get a request from one print publisher for first five chapters. Send out chapters. Also get an email from e-publisher saying the query and chapters are being forwarded to another editor.
--Get twitchy and query status of manuscript at small publisher who has had manuscript for five months.
--Check email later and find response. Small publisher wants to publish The Music of Chaos. Glurp, gleep. Details pending until I see Mr. Contract.
--Will probably go with this publisher. Think TMOC might be one of their first non-romance titles.
--Much whirly-brainess.

New "Lost" tonight.



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