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Sunday, April 10, 2005

All Beasties Great and Small

Because the J-man and I were up late keeping the universe safe for humans and aliens alike (Halo 2 in Heroic mode), the Nikster's A.M. meal was late.

Tantrums happened. Jumping up and down and screaming tantrums. Keep in mind that the Nikster is an 1100-pound animal and hence his tantrums eclipse those of even the most energetic two year old kid.

As I came out, he ran over to the fence, tail flagged and looking like the quintessential Arabian stallion. (Except he's missing two crucial accoutrements; he's a gelding.) In keeping with the theme, he moved on to Lipizzaner stallion. First he executed a couple of perfect levades. Then he even tried a courbette. The movements taught to Lipizzaners are natural, but I still never thought I'd see my little Arabian offering them up.

Rearing freaks me out, however, so I wouldn't give him breakfast until he settled down and showed his "be nice" pose--neck arched, standing quietly.

Curling up with a Good Skunk...
The cat seems to be the pet of choice for most writers. I'm not a cat person, so my zoo consists of the Nikster, as well as a little rat dog, a crazy greyhound, and Big Stupid Fish (the name says it all).

Writer Eugie Foster, however, has a pet skunk. For the "how" and "why" she got such an unusual pet, check out her Musta-Lay-Day-Grove site. In her LJ (circa 6-8 April), she tells how little Hobkin the skunk comforted her during a bout of depression.

Pets are an important part of many writers' lives. I suspect for those who struggle with the dark beastie of depression (me), a vital part.

The Nikster is a comfort, not by being cuddly* (though he can, depends on his mood), but by not allowing me to wallow in misery. Always on the outlook for a chance to misbehave, he jumps on any lapses of self-absorption on my part. Keeps me on-task.

*Cuddly is the rat dog's domain.

Multi-legged things...
Saturday, the J-man and I tackled a needed, but much procrastinated task. We replace the bark mulch with pea gravel. Initially, I thought bark would be cooler in the summer. But it doesn't play nice with my favourite plant species, penstemons.

In the process we upset several centipedes. The bark is great place for them to hunt and hide and they were upset with the change in furnishings. Most were just a couple of inches long, but one big daddy was at least five-inches long. Five inches of chitinous, cinnamon brown, slithering crawly.


Where others run shrieking, I lean in for a closer look. I love bugs. So does my my mom. [Waves to parental unit.] I remember in a long ago "Tonight Show" appearance, Isabella Rosellini saying she like bugs as well.

Probably because we didn't do any digging, we didn't run into my favourite creepy thing, the Jerusalem Cricket. Note that the article states that Jerusalem Crickets are an important part of the ecosystem, as are all squirmy things.

Anyway, the J-man and I let the centipedes go their way, and we went ours.

Nothing, nada, on account of the afore mentioned yard work and gaming. Need to do a critique. Got a form letter rejection on a query from an agent, but otherwise nothing on the submission front.



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