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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Snow in the Desert

Snow, snow, snow.

It snowed yesterday, all afternoon. After a pause in the evening, it started going strong again, at nine, around the time I give the Nikster his late supper.

This morning everything is powdery-white. The thread-leaf sagebrush, usually a pale gray, is brilliant white and massive with a blanket of snow. The snow builds up thicker at the base of stems, tapering toward the ends making the branches look like Yeti claws.

A monument to unfinished projects, the adobe wall is covered in stucco wire, which give the snow an extra toehold. The tops of everything, the wall, flowerbed borders, and paddock fencing, are frosted with snow. The J-man's little metal insects--butterflies and dragonflies--each hold a small mountain of white stuff on their wings. My metal sea dragon, another of the J-man's objet d'art, swims though a white sea, looking like it just surfaced, a crust of snowy "foam" on its snout.

The schools are off today and the J-man thought he'd have the day off. Apparently, somebody (not the J-man) is trying to impress their slimeball director*, so J-man just got a call telling him to come into work.

(*Among other things, "Slimy" is blatantly cheating on his wife. Why anyone would want to impress such a man is beyond me. But, then I don't play well with others in the eight-to-five world. Your earn my respect; it's not given automatically.)

Sigh. Just when I was getting used to the idea of having him underfoot today.

I don't like the idea of him on the road with all the idiots, in particular, the four-wheel drive (read: SUV) driving idiots.

Bulletin to All SUV Driving Morons
Four-wheel drive provides more control and helps you get going in situations with limited traction. It does not help you stop faster. Your gas guzzling behemoth is still beholden to the laws of physics. You will not stop faster than other vehicles. In fact, because of your monster's size and weight, it will take longer to stop. DUMBASS!
[Rant over.]

Before he scraped it off, the J-man measured five and a half inches of snow on the car! Snow is still coming down. The Nikster is hiding under his little shed.

Bored with...
Michael Jackson. Just don't care. But I do wonder, why aren't the kid's parents up on child endangerment charges? What kind 0f sorry excuse for a human being turns their flesh and blood over to a freak like Michael Jackson? I put more effort into finding a pet sitter.

Also bored with...
Osama Bin Laden. The Administration doesn't want to catch his skinny ass. With Osama safely esconced in a jail cell, the Bushies would be without their favourite boogieman, unable to pull his name out and shake it at the easily frightened masses.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame...
U2 was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Cool. Though no longer my favorite band, I still think they're a great band. I also respect Bono for his commitment to various uncool issues (by Bush administration standards). I know some people gripe about famous people getting involved in political and social issues, claiming that celebrities shouldn't use their influence and money in such matters. Somehow, I suspect that Bono's detractors are situated on the "Right" side of the political spectrum. How are Bono's efforts any different from those of a Huge-Bush-Loving corporation? Not, much, me thinks.

Being famous doesn't strip a person of their beliefs and right to express them.

A big "Huzzah!" for Bono and the boys.

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