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Friday, March 18, 2005

Newsy Stuff

It's Friday! Yippee.

In the News..
--It looks like they are finally going to let that poor, brain dead woman in Florida die with some dignity. It is a deplorable notion that we should deny our loved ones the very mercy we would give a dog. If Fido is sick and incapacitated beyond all help, we grant him a merciful end, but if a human being has been reduced to a pale, drooling shade of themselves, we expect them to suffer on. That's just sick.

If I'm ever in a state of Swiss cheese nothingness, for pity's sake, pull the damn plug!

--Researchers have determined that not only are men and women different, but that women are very different from each other--at a genetic level anyhow.

Females can differ from each other almost as much as they do from males in the behavior of many genes at the heart of sexual identity, researchers said.

Perhaps this explains my un-feminine traits-- my dislike of chocolate candy, shopping and shoes.

--Thanks to a no-doubt-profit- driven Republican politician (Conrad Burns), it is now legal to sell wild horses for slaughter. Fortunately, efforts are underway to at least save some horses from the cruel fate of a long and tortuous trip in a cattle truck and eventual inhumane slaughter via a bolt to the head and a slit throat. (Yes, that is how they are killed.) Wild Horses Wyoming has purchased 200 hundred horses, all of which will be released on private land near Laramie, WY. Another article on the matter can be found here.

It is worth noting, however, that some wild horse advocates are suspicious of the sale, owing to Wild Horses Wyoming's links to cattle ranching, an industry that has been less than kind to wild horses.

--Rising gas prices have made some consumers take a second look at hybrid cars. Interesting how the sudden flood of "look at how high gas prices are" news coverage arrived the same week as the Senate vote on drilling in the Alaska Wildlife Refuge. How convenient.

America's problem is not dependency on foreign oil. The problem is our dependency on oil, period. The rest of the world has been paying up the nose for gas for decades. American's have been spoiled, foreign oil or not. The American people are deluded if they think the degredation of one of our nation's last great wild places will result in cheaper prices at the pump.

Whatever...I'm moving to New Zealand. (And to the tedious, jingoistic refrains of "American, love it or leave it," I say. . . "Okie-dokie. ")

--Apparently today's "abstinent" teenagers are using the Bill Clinton definition of sex, and putting themselves at even greater risk than kids who just do the deed.

I hammered out at least a thousand words on Pinnochio's Dream, possibly more.

Got a reject from Lenox Avenue. "While well received here, we did not feel it was
quite a match for us." Yeah, I'm not quite sure what that means, either, but I'm putting it in the "nice" rejection tally.




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