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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Never Give Up, Never Surrender

With apologies to "Galaxy Quest."

Check out Jennifer Jackson's LJ entry for March 25th. While perusing a column on first sales, she encountered some mighty heartening (or maybe disheartening) data regarding first publication.

Fourteen manuscripts before selling. Eleven? Talk about never giving up!

I wonder if those people had any sales of short fiction to prop them up during the long novel-selling process or did they just chug along with the novel manuscripts? Wowee-zowee.

--Also of interest is her March 14th entry...
"Things that make you go hmmm...
....queries in which the author says they are published but do not list any specific credts, further complicated by the fact that nothing shows up under their name on Amazon, and a google search likewise yields no results. This happens more frequently than one would think it should, and is always vaguely puzzling."

Interesting because I didn't think literary agents had the time to do this. Does this mean other aspects of the query were so outstanding that she took the time to Google the person's name? Weird.

Got in another thousand words on Pinocchio yesterday. Yippee! Starting on a scene with the hero today, which is always fun.

Still haven't written a critique for Critters. Damn. [Thinks wicked, 'Maybe I'll skip this week' thoughts.] I did an extra critique in the last batch. [<=Convinces self to slag off.]

Better to get to work. Tonight is a shiny new "Lost," so not much writing will be done.




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