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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Miscellany and Mahem

"I love men. I've always been drawn to poets, artists, madmen. Sometimes all three in one."
--Jessica Lange, Newsweek Magazine, March 28, 2005

Stupid Reporter-ism...
Heard on the radio today..."A four-year-old girl was killed tragically in a fire..."

Can a four-year old girl be killed "wonderfully"? "Happily"? Stupid adverb usage. Stupider reporter.

Bored with...
Terri Schiavo. It's just the media's latest distraction from all the important stuff going on in the world.

Remember Iraq? Afghanistan? Rising health care costs? Social Security?

This wouldn't even be in the news if her parents and husband were on the same page.

Yawn. I will give the matter no more of my time.

Listening to...
"Invicible," Pat Benetar

The Waterborn by Greg Keyes. Liked it. Review when I'm in the mood.

Still Reading...
The Assistants by Robin Lynn Williams

The first sentence from a Michaela chapter. (The novel switches from a different character viewpoint per chapter):

I hate lying in the wet spot after sex.

Er, ew, and "who doesn't?" Sex, the great contradiction. Okay-to-great while in progress, but the aftermath is sometimes ugly.

The character in question is convincing her agent not to drop her as a client. Goodness. As bad as the writing biz might be, glad to say there is no literary equivalent of the casting couch.

Probably because of geography. In order to make it big in acting, you have to move to L.A., in close proximity to the movers and shakers of the biz. But with writing, you can ply your trade in the wilds of Patagonia.

Anyway, writing is about words, not good looks and a terrific smile. Since some of us writer types aren't all that gifted in the looks department, I imagine the horizontal writing evaluations aren't something the average agent/editor wants to deal with anyways.

(Even if I were so inclined, sleeping my way to print isn't an option. From what I understand, the majority of [book] editors are women and I'm not down with the girl love. "Not that there's anything wrong with it," as Seinfeld would say. But I think girls are yucky.)

The first scene in the Michaela chapter ends with:

A penis is an actress's best friend.

Heh. So what's a writer's best friend?

Had a great brainstorming session with Kristin yesterday. We're going to try and share Works in Progress (W.I.P.s) [<=Sounds kinky.] The hope is that the a weekly requirement to share something will result in more writing. Was initially going to send her Chapter One of Pinocchio's Dream, but now I'm thinking about "Romeo Had It Easy," a short story I wrote for the market Not One of Us. I know it needs something, but not sure what. I could chuck in on the Critters fire, but it has a mild sex scene and some yahoo (read: uptight American) will likely complain about content. (Nipple, nipple, nipple.)

Today...work on both novels. And tidy "The Shapeshifter's Challenge" up for submission to Writers of the Future.




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