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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Measuring the Male Thingy

Heh, inspired by a semi-naughty blog entry I found awhile ago...not doing any real work. The blogger herself, Xia Xue, has apparently garnered quite a following. (She's funny, but I imagine being "purty" doesn't hurt.)

Anyway, her blog entry details a method derived by a friend for measuring the male member. Rather clever and no rulers required. (Blog has a lot of graphics, may take a while to download.)

Frankly, I've never understood the whole measurement--in inches, centimetres, etc.--thing anyway. Honestly, do most people really have that good a grasp on what the numbers mean? I don't think so. That's probably why so many men can get away with claiming Penises of Unusually Size(POUS:?). Twelve inches, yeah, in your dreams, buddy.

Left out of this is the concept of width. I mean what good is looong, if Mr. Perky is pencil thin?

A related matter...In "Ten Things You Don't Know About Women" (Esquire, April 2005), Regina Hall asserts that it's "Size over Stamina." To that I'd add "Size and Technique over Stamina." Ultimately, "stamina," especially for today's busy woman is way overrated.

Anyway, a big huzzah for a much more understandable standard of measure.

(BTW. I once read a critiqued a story where the writer kept describing a weapon via its measurements. Something like a 20-inch death blade. "Voltar visciously swung his 20-inch death blade." Giggle. Made me think of bad erotica.)

Old News...
So old it should be lumped in the "move on there's nothing to see here" category. Anyway, I ran into this survey of who authors voted for in the last pres. election. There was a definite preference for Kerry.

Orson Scott Card's vote was surprising, not because he voted for Bush (expected that), but because he claimed to be a Democrat. Huh? From what I've heard, he's chimed in pretty far to the Right on several issues and he is a Mormon. Not that Mormon and Democrat are mutually exclusive, but, nowadays, religiousity is often coincident with Republican.

Those few, including Card, who did vote for Bush, apparently bought into Bush's "Eek, The World is Out to Get Us!" rhetoric, and were willing to sacrifice other issues--women's rights, the environment, health care--to the war gods.

Funny how middle America is so convinced Osama and Saddam are gunning for them, while, New York, the actual target of said attacks, voted predominantly Kerry. Irony, much?

King Rat Movie...
Inexplicably, I'm a big fan of China Mielville. Inexplicable, because he scores high with critics, the kind of folks who also like stuff like The Left Hand of Darkness, Neuromancer and whatever is considered great F/SF nowadays. My tastes are usually much more pedestrian.

Anyhoo, according to the folks at Linkin Park Association, his novel, King Rat is going to be made into a movie. A kind of modern retelling of the Pied Piper fairy tale, I don't think King Rat is Mielville's best work. But, it has the same kind of gritty-magical-underside-of-London thing that I like about Neil Gaimen's Neverwhere.

"Mr. Hahn plans to embark on his feature film directorial debut in his adaptation of China Miéville's 'King Rat' in the coming future."

"Mr. Hahn" being Joe Hahn, the music video for rock group Linkin Park.

Why this entry...
The combination of a snaky, cold little breeze and the J-man's construction work (incessant hammering) has driven the Nikster insane. He's impossible to work with and about to jump out of his skin. So not much horse-work happening.

I have no interest in any of my characters, so not much writing.

I'm changing my web page--again. (At the present, the page exists on my harddrive only, because I haven't figure out the web host thing.) First version used frames. Then to make it friendly to all browsers, I made a non-frames version. I've since decided that that version is too dark and gothic-y.

I'm playing with different color blocks in Adobe Photoshop. I think I've finally come up with a design I like; simple, just three colors, not counting any images.

Probably won't get any real writing done until the sun goes down.



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