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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Lost in Submission Land

Watched new "Lost" epi last night...
This one was Locke- (a.k.a. Yoda) centric. Initially thought he would need a nickname switch from Yoda to Anakin when, in a flashback sequence, his mother (Hey, it's Swoosie Kurtz!) tells him he was immaculately conceived. You know, Anakin Skywalker was supposedly spawned by the mitochondrians? (Yes, I know--Midichlorians.)

Boone, he who is only slightly less annoying than his vile sister Shannon, ended up bloody and near death at the end. So does this mean Boone is the rumored character to make the trek to the big island in the sky? Or is this a cruel "bait and switch" and the writers will kill off one of the characters I like? (It appears the recapper over at Television Without Pity isn't feeling the Boone love either.)

Honestly, they already fucked with my teeny mind once in the epi where Boone thinks "sister" (sister in a Jerry Springer kind of way) Shannon is dead. I was the happiest camper in the land. First, the woman is defiling my man Sayid. Second, she's the equally annoying antithesis of the Nice Girl--The Perpetuo Bitch.

Anyway, next week should be interesting.

Listening to...
Soccer mom station. Annoying female D.J. who sounds like she has a perpetual head cold is chastizing one of the other D.J.'s for using the word "suck." Puh-lease. "Because children might be listening."

"The chiiiildren," she bleats. Ugh.

Stupid soccer mom station. Switching over to alternative rock station because growing up is over-rated.

Got in about 500 words today, so the 1000 word target should be doable (Pinocchio's Dream). Writing a scene with hero and a character from "the other book."

I went around and around on this decision. It felt a little bit like cheating. But, ultimately it works. I like the character (editors like him; he's in two upcoming publications.) As with many things, I started writing the scene on instinct and then realized that the introduction of the character gave the hero his "wise mentor." My heroine already has a sort of mentor in her best friend.

Starting to get really...sigh...psyched about this novel. Getting rolling is always difficult for me because I start obsessing about "how stuff" should happen instead of just writing. I've attempted the outline thing, but I'm just not that kind of writer. I start off a story knowing the beginning, the character's emotional/internal conflicts and the end. And the only way I can resolve the middle, the "hows" is to sit butt in chair and write.

But the little voice in my head (one of many) sometimes gets the upper hand and says, "But you can't write until you know exactly how things will go down." Argh.

Harkening back to Deborah Hale's article, "What I Did for Love," I've discovered that my ending follows the advice to a tee. I really like the notion of giving something up for "happiness"--can't have everything. In most cases, the sacrifice isn't life or death but rather "a function of character growth."

I "think" I've got a strong combination of both--life and death and character growth. We shall see when it's done and heads out into critique land.

Anyway, I've picked up a lot of momentum.

In submission land...
Stuff is still buried. Think I've hit the nine-month mark at one pub. Dude, Where's My Rejection/Acceptance?




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