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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Link-y-er Blog

I was not supposed to be fucking with this thing anymore today.

But, while adding my spiffy new Writing Links and Links sections (<=left side of page, under Archives), I found this at Wonkette.

White House Embraces Culture of Death
"The White House calls it an "Easter Egg Roll." We see potentially viable chickens. How come Congress hasn't called an emergency special session to protect the life of Eggland's best?"


New Section...
Naturally, the template I chose for this blog didn't have a "links" section in the sidebar. Fortunately, Blogger provides the HTML code, so it's just a small matter of plunking it into the template. (Me so glad I've been working on web page so much; I'm getting mighty handy with HTML and Java. 'Course, I should be larnin' ASP. Oh well.)

Also signed up for the Women Bloggers WebRing. My first involvment with a WebRing. We'll see how it goes.




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