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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Happy Early St. Patty's Day!

Top 'o the mornin'

The house is filled with the glorious smell of corned beef and cabbage, simmering away in the crock pot. (Corned beef was on sale at Sunflower Market.) The J-man didn't think it would keep until the 17th, so we're going Irish today.

I'm finally getting around to the journal thing, in the afternoon, however.

Getting rid of the dog stink...
The morning started off wonderfully. Bright and blue. At least a dozen hot air balloons floated over the house, including the one with the alien face and the tie-dyed one. A sky full of colorful, upside down teardrops.

After a breakfast of hashbrowns with green chile and cheese, scrambled eggs, and turkey bacon, I got down to housecleaning.

-Washed all the dog bedding and the rat dog's little red coat.
-Drowned the couch in Fabreze.
-Sprinkled Carpet Fresh, pet stench version, all over the house.
-Lit a stick of incense.
-Vaccuumed up the Winter's accumulated spider webs. Attempted to keep Karma rating high by not vacuuming up the webs' residents. Failed a couple of times--damn. (I like creepy crawlies.)
-Chucked the greyhound's fave toys, his hedgehogs, into the wash. They survived and got hung up on the line, looking like some sort of strange road kill.
-Got out steam cleaner and worked on barf (rat dog's revenge for a bath) and bloodstains on carpet (greyhound had another toenail incident).

Just as I had filled the steamer with cleaning solution, I started to get visual disturbances--sparkly lines in the corners of my eyes. Took a handful (and I mean a handful) of Tylenol, aspirin and Feverfew. Carried on with cleaning because I hate lying about feeling sorry for myself.

Was doing okay until about noon, when sparkly vision returned and I started to forget who I was. Staggered out to see the Nikster, gave him lunch, cleaned his house, and then went to bed. Sweet little rat dog joined me and I slept off the worst of the migraine.

Still feeling...muzzy, like there are little earthquakes happening in my brain.

The Shed...
J-man has now completed the framing and sheathing. He got the window installed as well as the glass block on the Southwest side. Currently working on the tar paper for the roof. So very cool.

Listening to...
Spanish radio station that plays hip stuff like Shakira. (Mariachis make my teeth hurt.)

Send my blurb/bio and "Neverary Asks" response to Lon at Neverary. My article should be out in April.

Look like things are happening with Modern Magic anthology. A peek over at Fantasist shows that the cover and some of the illustrations are up. Very nice, atmospheric stuff.

Got my weekly crits for Critter done. Received a few more crits on my story, but haven't read 'em yet because brain isn't working properly.

Waiting for brain to rise from the ashes of the migraine.




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