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Friday, March 11, 2005

Geeky Goodness

Heart attacks. God's revenge for eating his furry friends.
Comment from D.J. on Edge radio station. Hee.

Watched the O.C. last night...

Only for the next Star Wars trailer. Which...naturally, happened at the end of the bloody show. So the J-man and I sat through an entire O.C. episode for naught.

The O.C. is okay, in a soapy kind of way. The dialogue is snappy (tho' I think Gilmore Girls has better dialogue), and the acting did the job. Plenty of cute men, tho' some were a scad too young for crushing on.

It suffered from over-used plot contrivances. For instance, cute, blond and schmopey guy still has a thing for his ex. Who, inexplicably, has taken a turn for the lesbian. (BTW, most unbelievable lesbian ever. Girl in question is tall and skinny-waifish, and doesn't have an iota of chemistry with her equally tall and skinny girlfriend. Even Willow and what's-her-name on Buffy were more believable.) So, to give them some quiet time, the writers cook up the "trapped in the mall overnight" schtick. Cute, but a little tired.

Meanwhile, rich and well-to-do woman with a past finds herself being blackmailed by porn co-star, Lance. (Lance, that's not a name, that's something you do to a boil.) Anyhoo, her husband doesn't know she did the naked mambo on screen, so now she's got to shell out 500K to keep Lance quiet.

Do rich people keep such poor track of their money? Because I gay-ron-tee that the J-man would notice if I pulled five dollars out of our account.

Anyway, the blackmail thing's been done before...meh.

Star Wars, Episode Three Trailer...
Lots of sparkly special effects and glorious battles. Lots of fan-happy stuff like Wookie armies. No obvious sigh of the odious Jar Jar. (Jar Jar is like Tom Bombadil [LOTR]. You either love him or hate him. I'm in the Hate camp on both.) All the interesting characters seem to be present and accounted for. Obi-Wan, Yoda, Palpatine, Mace Windoo, etc.

Unfortunately, so is Annakin Skywalker. Can't really get rid of him, sigh. I'm diggin' the floppy hair and brooding look. The one Annakin/Padme interaction shown in the trailer is rife with the same whiny no-chemistry that spoiled the second movie. I hope the love story arc will be kept to a minimum. Although, I do want to know how she got away from Annakin/Darth, and how she hid the twins.

Sin City...
The trailer for Sin City looks promising. Very cool, noir style. Assuming it has the acting/directing/dialogue to back it up, should succeed where Sky Captain failed.

The Fountain...
No trailer last night or anywhere. I saw a mention over at Jack's Landing, Hugh Jackman fan site. Billed as a SF romance, it's a time travel story. Hope it turns out okay, because there will be plenty of eye candy for the J-man and myself. Features the old-enough-to-crush-on Jackman and Rachel Weisz (a fave of the J-man).

In the Mail...
No rejection letters. Hmm.

The usual missing mailer which gets pitched without a look. (Sorry, but all kids, except those I know well, look the same to me.)

A brand new Dancing Dragon catalogue. Among the offerings, prints from fave artists Nene Thomas, Amy Brown and Ruth Thompson. Not in catalogue, but worth a mention because I think she's a terrific up-and-comer, is Jenny Dolfen.

Shiny new Esquire mag. Love Esquire. It's a men's magazine and sooo much better than female counterpart, Cosmopolitan. Why? Because it's full of men. Men! Most of them so very easy on the eyes. This month's cover guy is Benicio Del Toro. Also keep an eye out for the second part of Colby Buzzell's "The Making of the Twenty-First-Century Soldier, Or How I got My Sorry Ass the Hell out of the Army." Snappy-snarky writing and good looking men. Ah.

"The Blood Charm" seems to have a home with anthology Beyond the Darkened Mirror. More details when I get Mr. Contract. The editor liked it so much, she suggested I might want to turn it into a full length novel. Heh.

Since, at its most basic, it is just a backstory exercise for "The Novels," that's not really feasible. But it was nice that she made the suggestion.

"The Shapeshifter's Challenge" has gotten a few crits, most fairly positive. (Not that I want just positive commentary.) Embarassingly, people are finding more typos than I usually allow myself. Argh. And too many commas. Double argh.

Today. I think I'll get one of my weekly critiques out of the way, or at least read a story to critique. Need to write a bio/blurb for upcoming Neverary article.




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