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Monday, March 07, 2005


Had a Walla Walla moment this morning.

Walla Walla, Washington [on the list of Crusty the Clown's funny place names] is shrouded in fog throughout most of the winter. Usually, when people talk about fog in New Mexico, I snicker. "They have nooo idea what fog is."

But, on the way to work today, I ran into some Walla-worthy fog. Thick as pea soup, as it were. (Why pea soup, anyway? Fog's not green. Stupid analogy.)

Everything was clear until just after I passed under the Paseo Del Norte underpass. Then it abruptly got a little misty and then, kapow, the fog descended. Really cool.

It funny how thick fog transforms everything. It scrubs away detail and softens edges. And it obliterates points of reference. We go through out lives unconsciously measuring one thing against another, navigating based on the relationship of one thing to another. Suddenly take away all those relationships, and it's a strange new world.

As I approached an intersection, I wondered, "Is that my turn? No, that's for some other street." Then, nearly at the last minute I realized it was my turn up Osuna. The intersection had been reduced to a turn lane and a lone traffic light. The same turn lane and traffic light I turn at every day, and yet, stripped off all the other details--the convenience store on one corner, the tire shop on the other, etc.--it was new.

The J-man was telling me about a similar experience on the way to work. Just as he crested the hill before his workplace, he looked out over Albuquerque. All of downtown and the valley were smothered in fog. In the midst of all that murky whiteness, one tall building poked defiant through the fog. He said the building looked immense, far larger than its true size. Without the rest of Albuquerque as reference, the building took on a leviathan scale. Pretty cool.

Nothin' on the tube, which is okay, because I can get some work done. J-man is watching Road Warrior. Mel Gibson back before he started doing religious snuff films.

I watched some t.v. while eating dinner and then slunk back to the office, random commentary on Monday night television in my head....

The two dweebs on the Sonic commercial...
Hate them. Will not eat at Sonic because of them. I will say no more.

Truck commercial where the guy gets his tools back...
It fails in one respect--brand recognition. But it's funny. A bunch of guys are fantasizing about what they'd do with their new [brand name?] truck. Typical scenarios include stuff like off-roading. Then one guy smiles knowingly and says, "I'd get my tools back from my neighbor." Cut to him attaching one end of a chain to his truck bumper, the other to a garage door. Then he drives a few feet, yanking the door off its hinges. He retrieves his tools and drives away, the garage door still attached. On the way out, the dragging door takes out neighbor's mailbox. Snerk.

"Fear Factor"...
I confess, I used to watch it. But once you've seen one young, buff person eat raw sheep's entrails, you've see 'em all.

The "O.C."...
I think this is the week they show the preview for the next Star Wars epi during "The O.C." I think I'll encourage the J-man to watch and call me when the preview starts.

The first movie reached new levels of suckitude. The second was pretty, full of all the shiny special effects I love, and featured two performances I hate. The only way to watch Attack of the Clones is with your hand on the remote, so as to fast forward through any young-Darth Vader/Princess something-or-other scenes. Watching their "love story" makes my eyes bleed.

But, I'm still curious about Episode Three.

Finished off story for romance market. Slapped the title "The Blood Charm" on it. Stupid title, although it probably works for the market. The story started out as a mild PG, but I cranked it up to something spicier as per market guidelines. I'll do a quick edit tomorrow and sent it off.

All the fog reminded me of a story I set in Walla Walla, "Jack Sprat's Golem." It's garnered a handful of nice rejections. I noticed that Lenox Avenue likes "quirky and edgy" so maybe I give it a once-over and send it to them. Email sub, doesn't cost me anything.

Tomorrow. Must--work--on--novels.




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