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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Curry Rice, Pat Kirby Style

1. To a frying pan, add enough oil to lightly coat the bottom. Also add about a half cup of chopped onions. Saute onions on medium heat.
2. When onions are getting transparent, add instant (Minute or generic grocery store brand) rice. A cup or whatever is left in the box. Stir aimlessly for a few minutes.
3. Add sliced carrots. Discover that there are only two baby carrots left. There are a couple of "Nikolaij" carrots left. Curse and then cut up only the two baby carrots and add to rice. (Because the horse's carrots are off limits.)
4. More aimless stirring.
5. Add some chicken broth. Stir some more and remember exactly why I hate cooking.
6. Notice that chicken broth is "organic." Wonder when I became the kind of person who buys organic stuff. Rice almost burns while pondering this imponderable.
7. Rice is still crunchy, so add more broth.
8. Rice is still crunchy, add some water. (Organic broth is too expensive to waste.)
9. Oh, yeah. Curry. Add some curry. Concoction tastes like crunchy rice. Add heaps more curry.
11. Tastes like something, but needs salt.
12. !@#&! Crunchy curry-flavoured rice. Add more water.
13. Continue alternately adding water and cursing until rice is soft.
14. Serve to husband who is grateful that worthless wife made an attempt to cook.
15. Notice that stovetop is now yellow with curry. Pretend not to see mess and sneak away.

Second post today because it is a bee-yoo-ti-ful day. Can't concentrate.

Maybe I'll clean up last night's dinner mess. Think I'll go shovel horse poop instead.

Zip, zilch, zero, nada. Will have to resort to watching "Making of..." extras that came with Lord of the Rings DVDs. Watching creative people discuss the creative process often jump starts my Muse.



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