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Monday, February 14, 2005

Valentine's Bionicle

Happy Valentine's Day!

I'm sitting in front of a pile of 48 little pieces of plastic--a Bionicle and coincidentally my Valentine's Day gift from the J-man. Lest anyone think he's a terrible cad--I hate chocolate candy and cut flowers squick me out. (They're like decapitated plants, ugh. Death in a vase.)

At any rate, I asked for a Bionicle. It's a anime/mecha inspired toy robot. Not motorized, but it has a cool spinny weapon thing.

Unfortunately, some assembly is required... The box says it shouldn't be given to children under three, which implies four year olds might be able to assemble the !@#! thing. So I have to assemble it myself or find a benevolent toddler.

I actually got the J-man a Valentine's gift! (Usually, I forget and have to wallow in guilt for a week.) His gifts are things he's mentioned wanting and that I actually remembered him mentioning--a rarety. So I'm all aflutter, waiting for him to speed home on his bike and see what I got him.

I guess I could cook dinner or something...but, "hey," I've got a Bionicle to assemble.

Besides, I'm a walking train wreck lately...

Yesterday, I tried to trim the Nikster's hooves. All was going well until I caught my thumb in the nippers. They may not cut Nikolaij's hard-as-diamond hooves, but they do a number on human flesh. I finished up the hoof, smearing blood everywhere. Later, as I was standing in front of him, Nikolaij "touched" the nippers and then grabbed 'em and flung his head...clocking me in the face with the handle. I saw stars and little birdies.

I took off his halter and went back in the house. I was just too stupid to handle sharp implements and 1100 pound animals.

Also managed to burn my hand on the fireplace, burn my tongue on hot water, and today I caught some skin in pliers, making an impressive blood blister.

A Bionicle is just my speed.

Yipes. Got a package from Harlequin. This generated a temporary, "Huh?" and then I remembered Luna, a pub house I queried, is a division of Harlequin. The editor sent back my three chapters and synopsis--nice because I didn't include that much postage--and asked to see, glurp, the entire beastie.

Now to figure out how to print out 408 pages. Since I no longer can (mis-) utilized Country resources, I guess I'll have to use my own paper and ink. Phooey!

Not only reached my goal of 1000 new words, but surpassed it yesterday--2000 words.




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