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Friday, February 11, 2005

Soggy, Alien-killing Goodness

It's raining and been at it all day. Last winter in sunny New Mexico was dry, dry, dry. This winter has been downright...soggy.

Just got a package of vitimins from my Mom. I guess she must have thought the J-man and I were looking pasty last time she was up for a visit. We are now equiped with a giant bottle each, chucked full of little packets of gender-specific formulated goodness. A big thanks to Mom, tho' the J-man is wondering how he can possibly take that many vitamins.

Chuck full of essential nutrients, we will be annihilating things in Halo 2, tonight. So far, the sequel to Halo is a blast. New weapons--alien sniper rifle is spiffy--and the ability to carry and fire a weapon in each hand.

Only got a couple hundred new words today on Book Two. But, yesterday evening, I did some serious plot building, spackling over what had been a Grand Canyon-sized plot hole in my outline. Now the creative neurons are really starting to fire.

Got a speedy reject on a short story sub to Shadows of Saturn. It was polite, not a form letter, although I find I'm getting fewer of those anyway (it'll be nice when that translates into more sales, though), inviting me to send something else. Popped the same story in the mail, back off into Submission Land.




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