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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Inarticulate and barely literate

Nothing in particular to say today. I'm fresh out of frivolous and my rant level is low.

Because the poor thing is about to jump out of his skin, I took the Nikster for a short walk today. Yes, the horse. (The dogs would appreciate a walk too; but I can only please one pet per day.) He got all big and snorty every three steps. On the upside, despite a nerve wracking display, he was remarkably responsive and stopped with the slightest pressure on the lead rope. So we've made progress.

Anyway, I've earned my good horse-mom Karma for the day. The Nikster needs a horsy pal to take his frustrations out on.

According to Mom, yesterday's rant picked up some weird formatting. Object lesson for me. I wrote part of it in Word, and did the copy-paste thing, apparently picking up formatting crud. It's fixed, I think.

I sent the manuscript to the editor at LUNA today. It cost a whopping nineteen bucks! So glad I don't do the slush submission thing. I hear that some writers--ones that don't do their research--still pack off the entire manuscript to publishing houses without querying. Yipes! That could get expensive. 'Least query packages only cost a little over a dollar, if that. Most are just the usual 0.37 cents.

Wondering what is going on with the small publisher I subbed the whole beastie--electronically--too. The editor indicated that she had finished reading it about a month ago. Makes me...edgy. Not so good with the patience, a vital attribute in this business.

On one hand, I'll be on-my-knees grateful for a sale to anybody (any reputable publisher; subsidy publishers need not apply). But the slight interest TMOC has generated from the bigger houses makes me extra twitchy.

Done no writing--except this, which doesn't count. Hit about 700 new words yesterday. I really need to revise "...Dead Mules" and the forgotten "No Such Thing."




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