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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Gay cooties, inbred politicians, and the homeless

A New Mexico legislator, himself a testimony that cousins shouldn't mate with cousins, has put forth a bill that defines marriage as the union of a man and a woman.

Oh, goody...

The Republican fascination with homosexuality verges on pathological. Is there such a thing as "gay cooties?" Are they trying to protect us from gay cooties? My, my, I'll certainly sleep well at night knowing I might soon be safe from the scourge of gay, married neighbors.

I would hope--although one never knows--that this won't get very far. In a state that rates worst on rankings of childhood poverty, drunk driving deaths and other happy statistics (usually surpassed only by the likes of Mississippi), I think we have better things to worry about than whose Tab-A is getting inserted in someone else's Slot-B.

Did I mention that Zippy the Legislator also proposed legislation that will "promote" marriage? (The man-woman variety, of course.) Er, like one promotes a movie? Zippy is treading water in the shallowest end of the gene pool.

Meanwhile, speaking of stuff that really deserves attention, homelessness is alive and well in America.

Reading the article I see that the Administration's definition of "affordable housing" seems to be coincident with home ownership. They bluster that the building of new housing is stymied by state regulations, emphasis on environmental regulations.

Interesting. Do they mean pesky requirements that developers not plop homes in flood plains? Otherwise, there is no evidence that environmental regs have slowed the explosive growth of cheap subdivisions on Albuquerque's West side. A new subdivision is approved by the ever-agreeable city planners on a regular basis with no regard for infrastructure, or the lack thereof. Environmental concerns elicit nary a peep. Cultural concerns--e.g. the Petroglyphs, a sacred site to our Native Americans brothers and sisters--are a mere annoyance. It probably won't be long before some homeowners will have a chunk of petroglyph-inscribed rock in their microscopic backyards.

The issue is not home ownership, but the ability to pay for any kind of safe, modern housing. There is no shame in renting and depending on a family's circumstance, rent is not "money down the drain." Paying for a roof over one's head means the ability to get and maintain employment. It means livable wages.

Homelessness is usually the result of one or a combination of factors: insufficient job skills, substance abuse or mental illness. Covering the land with poorly-built, "cheap" homes will not solve the problem.

On a lighter note...Bob the Bionicle has been assembled. At the moment, he stands guard on my desk, brandishing fearsome weapons, and threatening anyone who dare disturb the sanctity of my workspace. Better, yet, I built him all by myself--no parts left over.


Printing, printing, printing. Poor Mr. Printer is doing way more work than usual, churning out The Manuscript.

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