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Friday, February 25, 2005

Albuquerque Public Schools, a.k.a., The Money Pit

Admiring my pile of loot...

I finally got around to using my big, fat gift certificate from Amazon. I've been getting the order in dribs and drabs. Yesterday I got most of the CDs and a couple of books.

So I'm working my way through the CDs. Harkening back to the Eighties, I got two "best of" collections: Pat Benetar and Bonnie Tyler. Also got the soundtrack to the "Queen of the Damned." I think the movie sucked; I never saw it; but the soundtrack's not bad. Lots of dark, gothy stuff. Ditto "The Crow" soundtrack. I love breaking in new CDs. It's like a religious experience.

Weather is bleh...
It's gray and gloomy and nothing wet is dropping from the sky. What's the point? Might as well have sun.

The weather has the Nikster in a state. When I went out to see him, he started running around his paddock, big and snorty and full of bucks. I bought wormer yesterday. I think I'll put it to good use today and get revenge for the nights he woke me up, banging on his feeder.

He will retaliated by spitting wormer all over me.

The little rat dog, OTOH, is freeeezing! I had to put on her little red coat. She's actually hanging out in the office with me, which is unusual.

Your Tax Dollars at Work...
Although I have been know to write a novel on the taxpayer's dollar, the folks at Albuquerque Public Schools (APS) have me beat. At least in terms of stupendous hiring practices.

About a year ago, APS Facilities Planning Department hired a staff architect. This architect--I'll call her Ms. Jones: not to protect her identity, but because I can't remember the real name--turned out to be good at one thing.

Being incompetent.

She mucked up every job she worked on and finally, after a few months, quit because of the "job stress."

Okay. So anyone who's ever worked for a truly stressful, private sector job is now snickering. Me too, folks. I imagine I encounter more stress in my part-time job, than Ms. Jones ever did.

Unable to cope with APS, she went to work for the County. Go figure.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, er, APS Facilities Planning, the department director recently resigned. The subsequent posting of the director's position elicited a slew of applicants, many from the private sector and some within the department.

Guess who they hired?

You betcha! Ms. Jones, the incompetent who couldn't hack the job of architect is now the director of the whole shebang! As the J-man says, "Management at APS is like a can of nuts. Shake it hard enough, and all the really big ones rise to the top."

Someone wondered what position got Ms. Jones into the job of director. My guess? A position with a lot of air between her ankles.

And they wonder why Johnny can't read. No wonder APS is millions in the red.

Finished short story "Romeo Had it Easy" or at least the first draft. Put a spiffier version of "The Shapeshifter's Challenge" on the Critters fire. Sent "Memories of the Sun" off to Lost in the Dark. I tink I'll try and work on the Book Two tonight. Got me One for the Money--Evanovich--to get my brain humming in a quirky, funny way. (Still a little in dark mode as befitting "Romeo...")




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